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08:00 Voorbidding in Kerk
09:00 Familiediens in kerkgebou & uitsending
18:30 Leefdiens in kerkgebou en uitsending

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Kalender 2022


Street Faith


In Doornkloof Familiekerk there is an active and passionate evangelism heart that not only expresses an extensive support network for missionaries and their work in other countries but also for every person accessible by our congregation within our immediate environment.

Two full EE-III courses, each stretching over 13 weeks, have already been presented and attended by more than 40 members. With the current changes with respect to Security in our neighbourhoods has made it harder to gain access to non-members' homes, which caused great frustration among course providers and visitors. This prompted us to come up with a new approach.

About three years ago, the congregation made a choice for the Faith@Home idea, born from the book of Mark Holmen, entitled Church + Home. Accordingly, every home and its inhabitants are crucial in the learning and living of Christian life and values ​​every day of the week. Sundays are only one day of the week where believers come together to be fed up with their knowledge of faith and growth, but the other six days of the week are all co-assigned to one another, and faithfulness is achieved by being an example of each other and the Biblical doctrine (especially last Sunday) and add to the practice of daily interaction. Some of the aids, which are provided to members for home use in the next week, are home devotion guidelines with practical tips, as well as small group material.

The impact of this focus has become clearer and during the 2016 planning events, after intrusive talks, it was suggested that the House Faith concept might be transformed into something similar to the local evangelism ministry. The name, Street Faith, followed because it clearly indicates that the Christian faith, which has already been taken to church by the church, by way of speaking, is now taken even further to the other houses in your street, with particular emphasis on your immediate neighbours.


At the beginning of 2017, the Street Faith Ministry was kicked off with an initial strong focus on preparing the ground for sowing the happy message. The rationale behind this is that it is crucial that the messenger himself embodies the happy gospel message, and that the first impressions are lasting. If the messenger's own life does not match and is self-impacted by the message he / she transmits, the biggest opportunity to chat with surrender and enthusiasm about Jesus is largely lost.

Therefore, the first part of the year is spent on two questions: "Who am I?" And "Who are my neighbours?" Included in the first question is the process of introspecting my life as a Christian, i.e. what other people who do not know me at all see in my life and behavior. The second question was to act as a catalyst to let me know who my neighbours really are: how they look like at home and what their family composition is, where they work, what their interests and hobbies are, etc., in order to get an impression of how "religious" they are. The book of the Barna group, Churchless, is often used to gradually sketch a more clear picture of church members.

Issues of Street Faith is distributed every 4-6 weeks and explained during the worship service. It is emphasized that the issues follow each other. By the middle of 2017 there were already four issues, containing a red traffic light part, giving an opportunity to stand still at the Bible, then the two questions (as mentioned above) with appropriate remarks, and lastly 'n green traffic light, which serves as encouragement to do something practical. The Street Faith leaflets are available here.


The Street Faith logo communicates that a hand of friendship wants to be stretched out, and so it is invaluable to establish an open and comfortable relationship with your neighbours before going to the gospel preaching. The fact that neighbourship is usually a long-term relationship, largely contributes to this conviction: potential opportunities for chatting about the gospel can be lost even before it begins if people are approached wrongly and confronted with their spiritual and church involvement.

 With the fifth edition that appeared by the end of July 2017, it is assumed that an open relationship has been established with the neighbours, therefore the image of a pedestrian crossing between me and my neighbours.

A new division has also been introduced, namely, Road Sign. This implies that there is a logical and systematic process to the share of the good news concerning Jesus Christ, and in the next editions every point of this discussion will be touched. The first point that is addressed is that humans are not able to save themselves (cf. Romans 3:23) and need salvation. For this thought to penetrate a churchless or unbeliever, it is once again decisive  if and how it has value and meaning to the messenger, so an attitude of witness rather than preaching is important.

The sixth edition has attempted to draw a picture about the change in attendance of church services over the last 20 years. The definition of "family" for the "irregular" worshiper also changed; if we can understand this meaning and value, it may help us to position and motivate ourselves as family church very strategically for conversations about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Road Sign has pointed out that God, who made us, is holy and hates sin and therefore sin must be punish ed(cf. Isa. 59: 2 and Acts 17: 3), but also the good news of an alternative called forgiveness, which will receive attention in the next edition.

In the process with which we are busy, we would like to remind you that every believer is a preacher of the joyful gospel message, even and especially in my own neighbourhood.


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