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Sondag 1 Mei
08:00 Voorbidding in Kerk
09:00 Familiediens in kerkgebou & uitsending
17:45 Bybelskool
18:30 Leefdiens in kerkgebou en uitsending

Sondag 8 Mei
08:00 Voorbidding in Kerk
09:00 Familiediens in kerkgebou & uitsending
18:30 Leefdiens in kerkgebou en uitsending

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Kalender 2022


Our Vision

Doornkloof Family Church is a community where love is visible and hope can be experienced. We are part of the Missio Dei, God's life-giving movement to the world in distress. Missio Dei is a term used to say that Christ is essentially a sending God: Father sends Son, Father and Son sends the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit establishes the church and sends the church.

Purpose of sending: The purpose is to establish the church of Christ on earth just as it is already in heaven. This implies that we must think differently about church and mission.

Doornkloof Family Church is a tree in a forest

We live in a forest with many dangers and also many inhabitants of the forest. Doornkloof Family Church is a large tree planted by Christ in the woods to provide shelter to the inhabitants of the forest in the immediate vicinity. It is the function of the forest leaders to provide certain nutrients to the tree so that their branches can emit where and in which residents of the forest can come to shelter and to eat the fruit of the tree as food to get back to them respective homes, fed and saturated and restored, to return.

Doornkloof is not a building: With the above comparison with the church as a tree planted in a community, we do not want to insulate that Doornkloof Family Church is just a building, negatively speaking. The church can not be compared to a building. Positively stated: The church is people. People of Christ, kingdom of Christ because people's faith in Jesus Christ makes them a unique community.

How we understand the churchToo many people's first association with the word "church" is with buildings and denomination: not with those who assemble in the building.

Real-life measuring instrument in the church is not based on the number of programs or actions to get more people on their premises, but rather whether those who attend all these activities have their own ministries.

The greatest resource you have for your ministry is your LIFE like eyes, hands, feet, way of watching people. Ministry is every part of our life / body

Romans 12

Eugene H Peterson makes a paraphrase of Romans 12: 1 "Take your ever-life everyday life, your eating-sleeping-and-going-to work life and place it as an offering before God"

We listen and help people to understand how much God loves them. We open their imagination to the kingdom of God. We help people to get away from their dualisms like "a spiritual mind" ... we have all these ways how to divide our lives. We help them understand that every part of their lives is part of this incredible story of God who loves His world.

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